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We understand how difficult it can be to manage your property’s drainage, landscaping, and irrigation needs. That’s why ROI Landscapes is here to help. Our comprehensive services will give you peace of mind that your drainage, landscaping, and irrigation needs are taken care of with the utmost care and precision. We provide a hassle-free approach for property owners who want a worry-free solution for their outdoor needs. So if you’re looking for the perfect partner to handle your drainage, landscaping, and irrigation needs, trust ROI Landscapes!

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ROI Landscapes is the go-to destination for all your drainage and landscaping needs. We provide professional, reliable services to ensure your property looks its best. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your drainage and landscaping projects are in safe hands. Leave the hard work to us and get ready to enjoy a beautiful landscape that adds value to your property.


Downspouts draining rainwater directly to the base of your home, potentially causing basement or crawl space flooding and foundation damage. We recommend using a catch basin system to safely and efficiently drain water away from your rain gutter downspout.

Rain gutters collect water from the perimeter of your roof and direct it to a downspout. Installing a catch basin beneath each downspout will prevent this water from draining to your home’s foundation. Catch basins easily connect to drainpipes where the water can drain to a safe location.  

Project requires about 6 – 10 Hours of work.


Price range

$816 - $1360
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Water pooling in yard, creating muddy areas and potentially attracting mosquitoes and killing grass. We recommend using a dry well drainage system to safely and efficiently drain water from a low spot in your yard.

A low spot in your yard will create a collection point for water in the surrounding area. Installing a dry well will create an underground cavity that will temporarily hold water before it can safely soak into the soil.

Project requires about 6 – 11 Hours of work.


Price range

$816 - $1496
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

neighbor water runoff

Water draining from your neighbor’s property and pooling in your yard, planter area, or near your home’s foundation, potentially causing a variety of drainage problems. 

We recommend using an underground drainage system to safely and efficiently drain water that is flowing into your yard from a neighboring property.

Water from an uphill neighbor can drain towards and puddle next to your home. Whether the water is coming from a single location or along the length of the neighboring property. Installing an underground drainage system allows you to protect your home against costly water damage.

Project requires about 13 – 22 Hours of work.


Price range

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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Are you ready to give your outdoor space a much-needed makeover? Creating your dream yard doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming. The team at ROI Landscapes will create the right plan, provide all of the materials, and tools, to transform your yard into the oasis of your dreams.